In our troubled days, it is crucial to focus on the importance of art and beauty in our society. As a whole, this is first because they are good for our mental and physical wellness.

Art and beauty have long been known as fundamental remedies for our soul and mind, helping us relax and enriching our very being. Whether it comes in the shape of music, painting, dance, or even good design, art helps us cultivate a more universal understanding of reality. And yes, this is not just about aesthetics but also about how art truly represents what is good in life: compassion, empathy, and connection.

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We know how busy our lives are. We are just minding our business and problems, checking out the latest art exhibit, when all of a sudden, we find ourselves entranced with the colors and textures in the paintings. The brush strokes on the canvas make us want to sit down and take in the beauty. Because of this deep experience with art, we can realize that our life is better for it and can not imagine living without artwork around us.

Art and beauty are important for the better wellness of our society. Art can help people get over pain, sadness, anger, and many other emotions that make our life difficult; moreover, it allows us to ignore all the negativity and focus on a better future. On its side, beauty makes us happier and for this reason, we will also be more open to other beautiful things in this world.  And, maybe, we would try to share them with others.