Creativity blooms in Live

Creativity blooms in Live

Art can be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone regardless of age, background, ethnicity, or social status. Art can take many forms, including music, literature, painting, sculpture, dance, theater, and more. It can evoke emotions, express ideas, and communicate messages that transcend cultural boundaries.

Art has the power to bring people together, inspire, educate, and enrich people's lives.  It can also be therapeutic, providing a form of self-expression and a way to cope with life's challenges. Art can be created by anyone, regardless of their skill level or training, and it can be enjoyed in many ways, from visiting museums to attending concerts or reading books.

Vocational College Live (FI) promotes the use of creative and art-oriented methods as a tool for teaching and community activities. We recognize the factors affecting the well-being of art and want to offer our students equal opportunities to experience art, express themselves creatively, and influence the educational institution as a community. We want to support all our students' participation in culture and art.

Under the umbrella of Luova (Creative), Live's activities are, for example, art workshops, art exhibitions made up of students' work, social circuses, the art of meetings,s and community events built from the ideas of students and staff. Luova Live lives and shapes itself into an activity that looks like its community.

As creativity has been chosen as one of our cornerstones at Vocational College Live, in 2021 we established our own Art Gallery Lilla Live to promote our students’ artistry and creativity.   Art Gallery Lilla-Live offers space for students' art and the exhibitions are held approx. every two or three months.  The Finnish artist and writer Rosa Liksom was invited to be the gallery’s “godmother”.  Rosa Liksom has also deposited more than 150 of her own works on the walls of Live. (Maalaukset › Rosa Liksom). 

Here below are some examples of Art Gallery Lilla Live exhibitions. Click here for a Virtual art tour at Art Gallery Lilla Live.

M4A Article 2

Interpretation of art is a subjective and personal process that involves making sense of the visual or sensory elements that make up a work of art.  The interpretation of art can vary widely between individuals and can be influenced by a range of factors, including personal experiences, cultural background, education, and knowledge of art history and theory.  Ultimately, the interpretation of art is a deeply personal and subjective process, and there is no one "correct" way to interpret a work of art.   Rather, the meaning and significance of a work of art are often shaped by the individual experiences and perspectives of the viewer.

Art is indeed for everyone. It is a universal language that can be appreciated and enjoyed by people from all walks of life, and it has the potential to enrich our lives in many different ways.