The Training

M4A: Training Content and Evaluation System

M4A develops a learning module divided into 4 Didactic Units & Didactic Unit 5 for practical work. The project creates an additional Didactic Unit 0 addressed only to the teachers, in order to train them with the basic general marketing Knowledge & Skills that they need to acquire for becoming able to teach to students. Didactic Units 1-4 are elaborated as teaching material for art students that teachers can use during their lessons. Contents are based on the State-Of-Art Transnational Report.

To conclude, M4A realizes the Recommendation Policy, written following the structure of a policy recommendation, that basically represents a process of problem solving. It is needed in order to make M4A methodology transferable and therefore used in other European contexts and other schools.

Marketing for artists (m4a) training
Train yourself and acquire marketing skills!