EMOTION, emotion is what accompanied 8 girls, students from the Liceo Artistico di San Leucio (Caserta, ITALY), on their exploration of Palma de Mallorca.

A treasure trove of artistic treasures awaited them on their arrival, including the Open Studio of resident artists at the Centre of Art and Creation - CAC Palma by AAVIB, and the sparkling walk through the street of the Galleries, Carrer Sant Feliu.

"Right there our gaze stopped for a moment, admiring the works of many artists,"  Angelica Perrotta tells us.
Of all the works on display, however, one, in particular, caught their attention and aroused different emotions, and that was the one by Francesca Martí at the Galleria Gerhardt Braun.

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For Anna Cesaro, the work arouses tiredness, "The sculpture almost seems to melt, it collapses as if to rest, ignoring the remaining paintings as a metaphor for the tiredness of what is around." Francesca Iannota and Alessia Paolella, almost agree with Anna's thought, they too see a melancholic emotion in it. Francesca tells us: "For me, resignation is the dominant word. The position assumed by the subject does not allow us to look at his face, but there is perhaps a thread of hope, represented by his green color". And Alessia continues: "The form that has been given to the body seems to manifest abasement, in any case, a state of despondency, incapable of reacting to the surrounding situation".
Damaris Merola and Luana Izzo go on to describe this message as cryptic and melancholic because it is exacerbated by the absence of facial expressions and introverted posture.

But what is this work? What does it really want to tell us? They ask themselves.
That living green must communicate a positive message to us, and we decided to return to the exhibition to investigate the true story of the work. Because the artist wants to tell a story through his works, but he also urges the viewer to investigate his own emotions. We now know what ours are, and we are determined to discover those of Francesca Martí.

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