JAGO: the example of who made it!

JAGO: the example of who made it!

Jago, an Italian sculptor born in Frosinone (1987), is a great example of how to do marketing for artists. Jago is an excellent example of a good web marketing strategy by using all the e-tools available on the web, from the web-site to the social media, to promote himself (the so-called self-promotion).

What is Jago’s capability? To use the media in a proper way, to create a well-oriented strategy and, especially to spend time for that, basically to be constant in creating appealing contents. That catches people's attention on his artworks and at the same time creating his community (followers), that can be his potential buyers.

In fact he immediately took advantage of the great potential of the web, for example by broadcasting live on his social channels his daily work and interacting with his viewers, this is what especially in his case created empathy with his community.

In addition, Jago also has his own website through which the artist makes his works visible and public to all ,he has also included a '3D virtual tour' on the site : his works are scanned from all angles, and thanks to this, people interested in the creations of the artist can observe every detail of them from their screens.

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The artist's goal is also to create, through the use of digital, a true experience for his audience, showing them all the moments of creation from the rough block of marble to the exhibition of the finished work. Like the partners of Marketing for Artists, also Jago does not consider web marketing and digital content creation as something to be added to the work but considers it an integral part of the work itself, so he invests time and resources in this area.

Currently, Jago can count more than one million followers among the various social platforms, various awards, and personal prizes, his works are exhibited all over the world and are worth hundreds of thousands of euros; however, we can say that much of this success is due to digital marketing, so much exploited by the artist, without which he undoubtedly would not be the same, but of course also thanks to his great talent.

Finally, after knowing the history of this artist, it is possible to objectively state the importance, especially in the present day, of the use of marketing or web marketing as a launch pad for an artist's career in terms of promotion and visibility and how this area should be more developed.

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