The importance of Writing Skills for Artists.

The importance of Writing Skills for Artists.

There are several Call for Artists that offer funding opportunities like prizes, residency experiences, developing new artworks, etc.

That means, getting some economic support for their art projects or production. Therefore, preparing an artistic proposal is an essential skill.
This Chapter intends to teach how to prepare an artistic proposal for a Call.

What is a Call? Call for Artists is the standard means for announcing new projects by the Public Art Commission. “Calls” may be open and broad, or specific by site, theme, medium, etc.

What is an artistic proposal? An artist proposal (or art proposal) is a type of proposal an artist submits to an organization such as an art show, art exhibition, or art grant body to receive support for their artistic endeavors.

Every artist needs to be also a grant writer. Getting a grant or similar application-based award, like a residency, can mean a lot for
Unfortunately, what makes you an incredible artist (thinking outside the box, looking at the big picture over small details, valuing creativity over convention) might also be what makes artists terrible at writing an art proposal. Amazing artists are often overlooked because of poor art grant proposals. What they miss is generally a structured way of thinking and acting.

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The book by Gigi Rosenberg “The artist's guide to grant writing“ is very interesting and offers an effective perspective on writing methods and how to find art funding, as well as a few steps to make the art proposal unique. Also networking among artists is one of the important things that provide new opportunities in various ways, to set up an Alternative Exhibition Space is one of that.

To acquire a simple, but effective way of expressing the art proposals is fundamental to making your intentions understandable to the funders. As well as predicting a suitable and clear budget request, and providing multimedia resources that can show better your artwork proposal, give to the artists added value to their proposal.

Do you like your students can apply too?

Well, it is always good to make some practice. Only practice makes you better and more expert.