Application of M4A methodology in practice

Application of M4A methodology in practice

On Friday, 17 of November 2023, the Erasmus+ strategic partnership Marketing 4 Artists (M4A), which consists of institutions from Slovenia, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Romania, gathered in a Multiplier Event entitled Marketing 4 Artists Final Conference.

 The conference took place from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the premises of the Higher Vocational College (Sežana Incubator), organised by M4A coordinator, School center Srečka Kosovela Sežana. 

In Erasmus+ strategic partnerships, multiplier events are intended to present project results. 

As part of the M4A project, the consortium developed three results: 
- "Transnational report": International research as an overview of good practices in different European countries. 
- "Training contents & evaluation systems": Free online platform for training art teachers and art students (6 chapters: Learning strategies and tools, Supply and demand for cultural and artistic services, Relations with various stakeholders, Promotion activities, Monitoring and evaluation of art promotion, Examples of good practices). 
- "Recommendation to adopt M4A Methodology": Recommendation aimed at schools, regional/national decision-makers and EU decision-makers to use the results of M4A in VET Art curricula as a way to promote the development of marketing and entrepreneurship skills in teachers and students.


The project results were presented by the partnership coordinator and professor at School center Srečko Kosovel Sežana, Maja Prešeren, after the opening address by its director, Dušana Štolfa. 
This was followed by a presentation of the possibility of using the M4A online training platform in various fields. The teachers’ perspective was presented in the conference part entitled "Why teach marketing for artists?", by Dr. Aleš Lipnik, lecturer at the Faculty of Design, who also acted as moderator of the international conference. 
The perspective of art students was presented by the students of the Ljubljana Faculty of Design Ajda Kristan, Eva Gulin, Špela Gosnik, under the topic "Why learn marketing for artists?". 
The possibility of using the M4A methodolgy  in non-formal education was presented in the theme entitled "How to support innovative and artists?" during which good practices and the implementation of the M4A program in the entrepreneurial school were presented by Maja Cergol Lipnik (Incubator Sežana). 
The representatives of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (Faculty of Design), from Ulaanbaatar, guests of the School center Srečko Kosovel Sežana, Higher Vocational college,  were invited to present their perspective on the topics addressed by the conference. 

Dr. Narantogtokh Davaajav (Mongolian University of Science and Technology) shared information about Marketing for Art Students through the Golden Mouse Festival with the conference participants. After that, Jurij Tenze and Minea Vrabl, students of the Higher vocational college Sežana, presented the point of view of the Slovenian students who participated in the Mongolian Golden Mouse Design Festival, with the contribution "How to win at the Golden Mouse festival and use it for marketing purposes?". 

Excellent contributions impressed more than forty participants from different countries and different target groups. The list of participants also included representatives of the Faculty of Design (deans, professors, students), teachers/principals of other arrangement schools in Slovenia, students of VSŠ Sežana and members of the Alumni Club, representatives of companies/institutions in cultural and creative activities, a representative of the Institute of Education of the Republic of Slovenia and the Koper Scientific Research Center.

The host would like to especially thank Vanja Jelen, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Sežana, for participating at the conference. 
The representatives of the supporting environment - Tehnološki park Ljubljana and Incubator Sežana d.o.o. also responded to the invitation. 
M4A partners from Finland, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Romania were also extremely enthusiastic about the conference. Moreover, the guests from Mongolia created a very special atmosphere. 
All and all,  Šolski center Srečka Kosovela Sežana organized an excellent event where the project’s results, from which partners expect extraordinary effects, were presented. 

All M4A results will be available for free for at least five years after the end of the project, and all partners will actively use them in their work in various ways. 
Marketing 4 Artists project team (Sara Dakaj, Martina Birsa, Lilijana Fabris, Maja Cergol Lipnik and Maja Prešeren)